Testimonials from our audiencE

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our productions:

“I feel like this (FOUR) is a lot of what people my age go through; peer pressure, not being sure of what they want to do in their life.  I feel like this can really open up their eyes in realizing eternity is real!”

Rachel Pope

“I think it (FOUR) was great!  It carries a good message that a lot of people need to see, both young and old.  It was very good.”

Wanda Brown

“I thought it (FOUR) was powerful.  A really good presentation.  It was a powerful message of God’s love for us and salvation.”

John & Irene Gomez

“I thought it (FOUR) was a fabulous production.  The fact that all of the people came up and accepted Christ afterwards.  It’s just a powerful performance.”

Nick & Dana